All this Hope

The hope of all things is wrapped in deficiencies and risings, barren winters and promising springs of survival, in soft-spoken … More

The Last Years

This year has swallowed, gulped you down whole The crafting of a body and an etching of a soul through … More

Oh, Wait

oh honey you turn out burn out churn out. It’s okay. You won’t forever be last harassed miscast surpassed. It … More

Mind and Body

I hear and listen, but then I walk away gone I stoop down to help with an offering hand, but … More

To teach

  My students have filtered into my classroom the past few days, taking to their seats, reciting timelines and catechisms … More

Am I the Pharisee

It was the Pharisees who shouted from beneath their heavy oral tradition at Jesus for healing on the Sabbath, for … More

Black Sheep

Jesus told them to lift their eyes. When you walk through a forest do you curl your face downward and … More

Let Us Use Them

As morning classes came to an end, students flipped their large math volumes shut, notebook paper filled with stick figure … More

The Shelter of Dying Time

It’s turning on us. Those long, listless, forever days of sunshine and water are disappearing, lavender fields and hydrangea perfuming … More