There’s this little place inside our heads that we all know.  That place of restlessness that causes us to want something more.  To do, serve, create, love. There is also a place that can defeat us if we let it: we tell ourselves we can’t.  That what we desire is too hard, too much work, too risky, too….impossible.  More often than not, we are our own worst enemy.

And yet, despite all those fears we still have dreams.  Dreams that define our souls and burn within, even if it is just a small flicker that you may never tell anyone about because you are afraid it’s too silly or that you might sound crazy.  But ignoring it never makes it go away.

Restlessness is not our enemy.  It is the feeling that tells us to be on the lookout.  Too look up from our busyness or our tunnel vision and see the broad picture around us that we are a part of.   If it is driving us to reevaluate in order to do something good, something better, to grow, then that is a worthy motivation.  When I am restless, I start to look around.  What makes me restless?  What is clouding my vision or causing me to see narrowly?  Where are my priorities?  What is truly important?

I am often struck with the same response….I have the same dreams I had when I was 8.  I have the same desires to work hard and live a life I’m proud of.  That life of value…anything of value….takes time to achieve.

As time marches on, as life moves and flows, I begin to really internalize that there is one life here on earth to live well.  If we don’t seize it as a gift, an incredible opportunity to love and serve and reach out, no one will do it for us.  We have to want it.  It has to burn so deeply in our soul that it moves us into action, no matter how fearful we are or how unqualified we feel to carry a message.

We have to Start.

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